Why Twitter Can Be Good For Both Current & Future Job Prospects

The world seems to revolve around tweets these days and who said what, why and how the twittersphere reacted and for a regular Joe, it might seem like Twitter is only good for keeping up with the celebrity gossip. The truth is that, when utilised correctly, Twitter can be a serious aid to both progressing your career in your current place of work and in finding new work.

There are, of course, ways to use it and ways not to use it and this is what we intend to delve into throughout the remainder of this article.

Creating An Industry Persona

When using Twitter to further your career, you should always, and I mean always, create a secondary account aside from any personal one you might have. You may think that people in your industry are interested in what you had for breakfast but the truth is that these sorts of tweets are more likely to have people reaching for the “unfollow” button than actively engaging with you.

Instead you should reserve this new account for talk mainly about the industry and to converse across the ethers with other leading figures. You should try to ensure that you create a persona that is seen by others as an expert in the field (regardless of whether you’d consider yourself one or not).

Make sure that you are up to speed on all the latest news in your sector and try to provide your own thoughts on it instead of just retweeting the details. So if a rival marketing firm has put out a really good TV advert, don’t be afraid to actually congratulate them or, if you feel like it’s a bit of a duff, try to give a reasonable critique of what you might have done differently.

Don’t Just Retweet

It goes without saying that Twitter is a place that many people go just to get the best bits of information sent directly to them; it makes their lives easier in this way.

But, more often than not, someone is already likely to have tweeted about the bit of news that you might have come across. Don’t simply hit the retweet button because, while it might seem like engagement, it isn’t really the case.

Instead, you can do one of two things. You can take the link that they have tweeted and tweet it yourself but with your own unique comment or you can reply to that person’s tweet to either ask a question or make a point of your own in the hope that a conversation ensues back and forth.

Be Careful What You Say

While you can delete a Tweet if you really want to, it might be too late if the damage to your reputation has already been done so be extra careful with what you write.

Don’t be rude to anyone – this is an absolute MUST. If you are then you will seriously hamper your chances of landing a job with anyone who has seen that tweet.

Follow And Be Followed

If you can build up a decent following of people in your industry then it will improve your reputation and you might become seen as a more senior person among your peers. One of the easiest ways to get more followers is to follow people first.

The trick here is to not go over the top too quickly. Just follow some people you know to begin with and there is a good chance that they will follow you back.

Then you need to make sure that your tweets are up to scratch as described above.

Then you can start to slowly follow more people and when doing so, it doesn’t hurt to interact with them and their tweets straight away afterwards as this massively increases the chances of you receiving a follow back.

You could even try it the other way around; interact with them first and after a few back and forths over the space of a couple of days, you can then follow them and they are more likely to instantly reciprocate.

A Tip In Conclusion

So this is just a brief guide to how you can utilise Twitter to both get ahead in your current company and to improve your chances of getting headhunted and/or landing a job that you apply for elsewhere.

One last tip that we’ll leave you with is this: treat this separate Twitter account well and it will treat you well. Try to maintain an active presence by tweeting at least once a day if you can because nobody likes to see a dormant account and they certainly won’t follow you if they do.

Twitter can be just as effective as traditional job hunting means such as the JobCentre Plus, recruitment agents, online job boards and speculative applications but you have to use it correctly.