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Free Doll Making Projects and Doll Patterns. I love making dolls! It’s fascinating to be able to create some of these doll patterns! We’ve found free patterns for

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Porcelain doll parts and supplies, doll wigs, doll eyes, doll clothing and much more to restore or repair your dolls.

10. The original Barbie – 1959 Original Barbie Doll. Let’s be real – you can’t even TALK about Barbie without discussing the O.G. (original) version.

It seems as though every other week something has sparked outrage amongst black people. Friday, an image of a doll surfaced online, and people assumed it was a Barbie

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In the year of 1961 Barbie wasn’t alone anymore when Ken appeared to the scene, but somehow that was not so much fun. There should be a girlfriend to

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Facets by Marcia – Elegant rhinestone jewelry, shoes, wigs and accessories for fashion dolls (Tonner/Tyler, Gene, Fashion Royalty, etc.) and BJD’s. Also a source for

Doll Market has your favorite dolls from gifted doll artists and collections, Madame Alexander dolls, Cissy dolls, Ashton Drake dolls, Ball Jointed doll, Mattel

Doll faces in the Wonderful World TM of Barbie ® There are a gazillion facial sculpts today. When I once started collecting – some decades ago – there were many

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Antique Collectible Dolls & Doll Houses. Beginning at a young age and continuing throughout adulthood, doll collectors prize each one of their dolls and strive to

Identify Mattel vintage Barbie dolls 1963-1967, photos, descriptions, doll markings, buy, sell, collect, values

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