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Never stop learning—it’s an unofficial motto at Penn. Penn to You, is designed to bring Penn alumni, parents, and friends together for an evening of intellectual

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In finance, an exchange rate (also known as a foreign-exchange rate, forex rate, ER, FX rate or Agio) between two currencies is the rate at which one currency will be

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Feast Your Eyes has been part of Philadelphia’s catering tradition since 1982. We are a food-centric caterer that knows your event is about you, not us, and that

The Palestra, often called the Cathedral of College Basketball, is a historic arena and the home gym of the University of Pennsylvania Quakers men’s and women’s

The Charles Patterson Van Pelt Library (also known as the Van Pelt-Dietrich Library Center, and simply Van Pelt) is the primary library at the University of Pennsylvania.

Life at Penn. Take a stroll down Locust Walk, sit and chat with Ben on the Bench, cheer on the Quakers, and become a part of Penn’s many unique and historic traditions.

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Between budget constraints and the guest list, wedding planning can get downright ugly. Presented in alphabetical order, these 23 Philadelphia-area wedding venues can

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This paper was written by Ty Narada for Dr. Kosso Cosmetics have been used for as long as there have been people to use them. Face painting is mentioned in

The nation’s leading collegiate architects who here established the courtyards and character that romanticized college education designed this important ensemble of

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Charlotte DiLaurentis (formerly known as Charles DiLaurentis; born Charles Drake; alias CeCe Drake) is a character on Pretty Little Liars, first introduced in Season 3.

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